At PuncHIIT Fitness we offer three levels of service to ensure you become successful in your group fitness business. From setting up a group fitness program from scratch, to setting up a Muay Thai kickboxing program, training and certifying kickboxing instructors in a proven class format and programming your classes. With a winning track record we can guide you on how to create a successful group fitness program by incorporating one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry ... Muay Thai kickboxing group classes!

1. Group Fitness Consulting Program


Not sure where to start? Current group fitness program not performing as well as expected? Want to grow your existing group fitness program? We can help. Hire us to co-manage your entire group fitness program. From recruiting and training instructors, to designing a class schedule that works in your demographic area, to the types of classes you offer. We can even assist with your social media and email strategy to help market or build your business.

What does it cost? There will be an initial consultation fee of $499.00, but after that you simply pay a kick-back fee on a per client basis for class attendance for all classes. Which means that payment is performance based. If classes do not perform well, you pay less. If classes do perform well, you pay more. So it’s in our best interest to ensure that your group fitness classes are performing well.

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2. Muay Thai Kickboxing Program


Do you have an existing group fitness program and would like to add Muay Thai kickboxing classes? Yes, we can help with that too. We’ll help you design a kickboxing room or area, from purchasing proper equipment, to getting the equipment installed. From flooring to heavy bags. Everything you’ll need for a turnkey solution to getting a fully operational and successful Muay Thai kickboxing program in place.

What does it cost? There will be an initial consultation fee of $249.00. During this consultation, we will determine how many hours will be required to help you design your room/area for Muay Thai kickboxing. A quote will be provided based on your needs, and we can also help you get quotes for all required equipment to suit your room/area, and finally to get it all installed and ready for clients.

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3. Instructor Certification


Do you need to get instructors properly trained and certified to teach Muay Thai Kickboxing in a group fitness format? We can help with that as well. Our certification program is accredited by CanFitPro for 4 PTS / 4 FIS CEC credits. This is a two-day intensive training course, covering everything you’ll need to run a Muay Thai kickboxing group fitness class in any environment. You’ll learn actual Muay Thai striking techniques (adapted for heavy bag workouts in a group fitness environment), as well as how to design classes with variety and keep it fun for your clients.

What does it cost? This Level 1 two-day intensive course retails at $599.00 + taxes (watch for early bird specials). To maintain this certification instructors will be required to attend this same certification course every two years (at 50% off the retail price), or as an alternative they may book a one-on-one 4-hour refresher class with one of our certified instructors for $199.00 + taxes, or 8-hour refresher for $399.00 + taxes. The focus will be on improving specific techniques, but can also cover anything the instructor feels they need more work on (i.e. – adding more variety to classes, better programming techniques, etc.).

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