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Personal Training

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Sonny Wilson

Sonny Wilson is the owner, personal trainer and group fitness instructor at PuncHIIT Fitness.  His personal drive is rooted from his unique athletic background in combat sports including boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu (BJJ).  Sonny knows what it takes to harness the power of an incredible focus and passion and utilize it to achieve any objective.

Now out of the ring and into the fitness world, Sonny is thrilled to have the opportunity to help others reach their fitness goals.  With his strong understanding of body mechanics you can trust Sonny to help you prove to yourself that there is nothing you can’t do if you only try.

Stephanie Lynch

A Women’s Coaching Specialist, Stephanie is passionate about helping clients find joyful ways to move and to fuel their bodies. Her Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching services strive to support and guide clients AWAY from dangerous diet culture practices and TOWARDS healthy relationships with food, fitness, and themselves. Stephanie’s additional specialization in Corrective Exercises helps to ensure all clients, regardless of experience, are moving safely, efficiently, and effectively. Stephanie ensures that she meets client’s where they are in their fitness and nutrition journey, and helps them move forward with realistic, sustainable, positive practices. She is passionate about helping women discover the multitude of benefits of strength training.

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Katherine Zappia

Kat is our special programs director (bringing programs such as youth boxing). Her drive to instruct group fitness and personal training comes from her personal experience in trying to find ways to be in motion that worked for both her brain and her body. Having been a swimmer and equestrian in her childhood and teens, leaving those activities as an adult left Kat without a mental and physical outlet. After struggling for many years in and out of open gyms, starting to kickbox in 2020 renewed a love of movement. Kat is excited to bring her passion to others, and make kickboxing accessible for every fitness level as a fantastic way to keep your mind and body engaged through a workout.

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